Monday, 20 February 2012

Summary of Chapter 2 in Private Peaceful

In chapter 2 it tells you alot of things but i'll pick out what i think are the main events.

Thomas gets into a fight with Jimmy Parsons. It was his first fight and it was for BigJoe as Jimmy was making fun of Big Joe.Tommo wasn't good at fighting he ended up on the ground. Charlie notices Tommo on the grouund and starts fighting with Jimmy Parsons.Mr Munnings finds out there is a fight and give both Charlie and Jimmy 6 strokes each.

Tommo discovered his love for Molly as she helped him when he was on the ground bleeding after the fight.Since that day Molly and Tommo became closer and closer.Mrs Peaceful considered her as the daughter she never had.

The colonel payed the Peacefuls a visit and had a private conversation with Mrs Peaceful in the garden.The colonel said they had no right to live in the cottage anymore.Since Mr Peaceful is no longer with us and his job was on the estate.The colonel offered Mrs Peaceful a job as a maid for his wife as she needs constant care.Mrs Peaceful had no choice but to take the job.That ment there was no one to look after the children except one, Grandma Wolf

Review By Sarah Adie :)

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